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EDUCATE THE BLOCK (ETB) is a Private Career School that trains adults and out of school youth students in the fields of Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Media Production, Graphic Design/ Visual Communication, Music Production, Broadcast Media Arts, Digital Competencies, Customer Service Specialist, Content Creation/Marketing, Logistics, Maritime Industry, Career and Personal Development Programs. ETB has facilitated programs for the Hudson County Department of Family Services/Welfare to Work Program for going on 10 years. ETB also piloted the 1st NJ LEAP I and II Federal Programs and the LEAP Into Learning State Program with Hudson County Reintegration at Hudson County Correctional Facility. And we recently launched the 1st In-Custody Culinary Program for female county inmates.


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To significantly reduce the number of people on public assistance through

1) holistic personal development & wellness modules,

2) up-to-date industry POST COVID-skills training,

3) creative work-based activities and

4) focused job-search preparation and placement through company partnerships.

Our mission is to empower and advance people in Hudson County who are trapped in destructive cycles. We strive to prevent future generations from becoming stunted before they have a chance to grow and become productive members of their communities. In doing so, we impact families, impact generations and impact varying demographics of society.


Educate the Block prides itself on its dedication to diversity and inclusion within our mission, our staff, partners, and student body. And as we continue to meet the immediate and long-term needs of a multitude of cultures and communities, we continue the reduction of disparities amongst disenfranchised people of color, young adults, at risk youth, creatives, LGBTQIA, immigrants, women, and the reentry population.


ETB is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the overall economic and social conditions of low-income, at-risk individuals. This includes TANF, GA, ABAWD, Re-Entry, At Risk Youth, the unemployed, the underemployed as well as the underserved Entrepreneur populations. HOWEVER, we serve ALL creatives, with or without financial means, in their journeys to career freedom. We help people work where they want, and on what they love.


ETB has facilitated Pre-Occupational, Occupational and Job Search Programs for the HC Department of Family Services/Welfare to Work Program/WIOA since the organization was established in 2014. We have successfully facilitated multiple work-based apprenticeships that have led to a consistent 75% placement rate. Educate The Block is a NJ LLC and Educate The Block Foundation | Art Of Hospitality is our 501c3 Non For Profit.

Our partners

Our primary principal partner is now Landmark Hospitality.