EDUCATE THE BLOCK At NJCU (ETB) is a Training Program that teaches Hospitality, Media Production, Career Development and Personal Development Programs to the adult urban population in Hudson County. With the help of New Jersey City University, we are able to facilitate vocational certification programs in an atmosphere where people can experience the pride of their accomplishments. We support self-sufficiency by providing quality training for struggling populations.

First, we educate and train. Then we encourage our clients to push the boundaries of what’s possible by preparing them to be well qualified, well rounded and well prepared for the workforce. Lastly, we create and identify employment opportunities and advocate for their placement. Our program is designed to inspire a diverse community of learners to achieve a broader range of success.

EDUCATE THE BLOCK At NJCU (ETB) is a  Private Career School for communities in Hudson County.

Educate the Block started with two reconnected friends who wanted to create holistic approaches to meet the immediate and long-term needs of disadvantaged communities.

 The Need – There are over 7000 people on assistance in Hudson County. Many are required to complete an occupational activity in the expectation of finding employment.

The Program – Educate The Block has developed programs for a niche market within the Welfare To Work population.

With the help of dedicated collaborators, Educate The Block has grown into a blend of creative programming, savvy instructors, and fresh philosophies. Collectively we motivate our students to stay engaged, stay the course, find employment and live fulfilled.

                                                                                              It’s Always A Journey… But It’s A Journey That’s So Worth It!

Educate The Block’s Philosophy

The string of unfortunate circumstances you’ve been struggling with CAN turn around. Everything is temporary and the tables are constantly turning. You can create a vision right where you are. Embrace the challenge, learn new skill sets and go far, right from the block. We will provide you positive experiences and help you build a life around your current conditions.