We facilitate our programs at the Industrial Incubator Space at NJCU.

Being in partnership with NJCU allows us to access the multitude of University resources and services. It also allows Educate The Block to develop creative spaces that inspire critical and innovative thinking in our students. Located in a thriving urban environment close to the Jersey City waterfront, the NJCU campus experience provides world-class experiential learning guided by expert NJCU faculty with broad experience in their fields.

NJCU provides us an array of technology-rich resources and services in support of teaching and learning. A broad collection of online library databases, technology-enabled facilities and wireless hot spots distributed throughout the campus enhance the teaching and learning experience for the Welfare To Work Populations.

Email is the preferred, and best way to reach the instructor. Messages from students will be answered within 48 hours. An email sent on Friday may not receive a response until Monday.

Basic Office Information

Educate The Block:

Media Business Development Incubator at NJCU
285 West Side Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07305

Classrooms: Rooms 275-276
Office: Room 274
Office Hours: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Office Phone: 201-484-0411   
Email: info@EducateTheBlock.org

Office Directory

Executive Director: Alycea Nightingale – a.nightingale@EducateTheBlock.org

Office Support: Christina Calado – C.Calado@educatetheblock.org

Head of Operations and Director of the LEAP Program:
Maria Soccor –  m.soccor@educatetheblock.org

Hospitality & Out of School Youth:
Deanna Cabrera – d.cabrera@educatetheblock.org

Director of Recruitment: Carlene McDonald  – c.mcdonald@educatetheblock.org

Recruitment: Tracy Lopez – t.lopez@educatetheblock.org

General Inquiries: info@EducateTheBlock.org

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