Will All Classes Involve Hands-On Projects?

All classes execute projects that are a mandatory part of the hands-on/apprenticeship requirements of this program. Projects are allowed to be created by students as long as they are relevant to the course. Projects are subject to change.

What Determines Whether Students Pass Or Fail?

Passing our programs depend upon, attendance, participation, class projects and written assignments. All written assignments must be typed (unless otherwise directed) and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Remember that your computer’s spell check program doesn’t catch everything. As a student in a communications college, you have a responsibility to pay close attention to spelling and grammar.

Where are Classes Held?

Classes will be held at the West Side Ave classrooms and sometimes at certain NJCU Buildings on campus. Proper conduct and respect for equipment and space is MANDATORY at ALL Times. Any violations will result in immediate dismissal from program and possible subsequent action.

Do I Qualify For Tuition Assistance?

Students are currently being accepted through vouchers from Hudson County Department of Family Services and One Stop. Students who can demonstrate challenges with tuition costs are also encouraged to apply.

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