The Educate The Block {ETB} Work Based Learning Environment {WBLE} Program for Media Production Careers is called “The Media Production– WBLE”. It’s our 4-month Occupational Media Production Program.

Our Media Production Career Program will focus on perfecting student’s creative and technical skills for various media industry positions. This course will provide instruction and practical experience in research, multi-media, videography, film production, social media marketing, editing, and post-production of photo/video content. This program is designed for positions in demand within the media industry. We provide internships with film companies and production houses to give students ‘real-industry’ work experience.

In addition to securing employment, a departmental goal for our students is to encourage intelligent judgment, creative and socially responsible pursuits and living enriched, aesthetic lives in the careers of their choice. The Media Production course prepares students to develop fluency and flexibility in all aspects of media theory and production by facilitating various projects.

Topics Covered:

Foundations of Media 
Intro to / Theory / Types of /
Identity / gender – class – race – orientation
DSLR Photography
Self portrait / Portrait / Photo Journalism

Usage of cell phone to do self-exploration in media via camera phone

Social Media  
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / podcast / vlog
Marketing / entrepreneurial
Marketing Campaign

Theory/ Practice/standards:
Screenwriting / blog / novel / journalism
Short Script

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Independent Study 
Each student must choose a final media project to be approved and supervised by the instructor with a showing of student’s work at end.

All students participate in the content development, pre production, videography, lighting, post production (photo, video, & sound editing). In order to have a well-rounded education, students take theory and fundamental course in Media history and terminology of the current industry. The curriculum then builds upon this information to allow students to eventually create their own content.