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01/21/22 FRIDAY - Livestream Classes

by Cristina Calado -


01/21/22 FRIDAY 11AM GRAPHIC BASICS - Adobe Photoshop Part 3 Portrait Techniques & Clean Up Images

01/21/22 FRIDAY 12NN CULINARY BASICS - Importance of a Healthy Menu

01/21/22 FRIDAY 1PM LOGISTICS - Global Logistics

01/21/22 FRIDAY 2PM MERCHANT MARINER - Bunkering Procedures

01/21/22 FRIDAY 330PM GRAPHIC - Creative Design with Moose Fares

01/20/22 THURSDAY - Livestream Classes

by Cristina Calado -

01/20/22 THURSDAY 11AM CAREER BOOT CAMP - Careers in Show Business Part 2

01/20/22 THURSDAY 12NN HOSPITALITY - The Vegan Diet II

01/20/22 THURSDAY 1PM LOGISTICS - Transportation Management Part Three

01/20/22 THURSDAY 2PM MEDIA - Photoshoot Edit with Adobe Premiere
01/20/22 THURSDAY 330PM GRAPHIC - Creative Design with Moose Fares


01/19/22 WEDNESDAY - Livestream Classes

by Cristina Calado -

For Wednesday's class, we will be using as our platform.  Please try to login a little earlier if you are not familiar with zoom login.  It should be straightforward, just click on the link. 

01/19/22 WEDNESDAY 10AM CUSTOMER SERVICE - Key Trends for Remote Hybrid Customer Service

01/19/22 WEDNESDAY 11AM GRAPHIC BASICS - Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Part 2
01/19/22 WEDNESDAY 1PM CULINARY BASICS - Vegetables as a Meat Substitute

01/19/22 WEDNESDAY 2PM MERCHANT MARINER - Docking/Mooring Procedures

01/19/22 WEDNESDAY 315PM CULINARY- A Croatian Favorite

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