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Date: Tue, Jun 2, 2020, 11:20 AM
Subject: Fw: Reform demands Rally
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Subject: Reform demands Rally

Good morning Community Leaders,

Please take a moment to review the attached letter that Pamela Johnson will read today during the rally against Police Brutality.

We have an opportunity to organize and collaborate to make a big difference in how our City deals with issues of this nature moving forward.  Our Country is facing a turning point with all of the rallies and protests against Police Brutality and Systemic Racism. The black and brown citizens of the United State have been facing this type of treatment for so long.

We denounce the activities that took place in Minneapolis and the brutal killing of George Floyd by the hands of a racist police officer.  We have sat back for too long and witnessed too many unjustly death.

Today we would like for you to stand in solidarity to make sure our voices are finally heard, please sign off on this letter so we can stand strong as a powerful unit.

Sign off example: 
Pamela Johnson-Executive Director-Anti-Violence Coalition of Hudson County
Sandra Lovely-Founder-CEO- Greenville Neighborhood Alliance
Michele Massey - Executive Director-Jackson Hill Main SID

Thank you and we need a response by 11:30 am today.
Sandra Lovely
Greenville Neighborhood Alliance

 Letter that Pamela Johnson will read today during the rally against Police Brutality.

June 1, 2020
Open Letter to the Mayor, City Council, Chief of Police and Public Safety Director,
The time for decisive action is now. Unchecked police oversight has led to years of mistrust from the community and we have now reached the moment where changes must be made. The horrific murder of George Floyd has placed a spotlight on the lack of police oversight in our country and it is our responsibility as a community to do better. The following items are the starting points that will lead us in the right direction:
1. A Civilian Complaint Review Board. A city council ordinance outlining the creation of a CCRB must be made immediately. The work of creating a transparent process with the power to hold officers accountable is crucial if we as a community are truly committed to building trust.
2. The release of body cam footage from the incident on Bostwick Ave on May 5, along with updates and investigation updates on all incidents involving police aggression. Residents have been traumatized due to violence from police and in order to heal we need to address these matters. We cannot move forward without resolving the past.
3. We need a commitment in the form of a procedural plan on how we the community will meet with JCPD department leaders and officers on a regular basis. Steps have been made in the past and we need to solidify a commitment to raise the bar on the quality of community policing in Jersey City.
The following organizations support these demands and expect that the City Government leadership will respond with action that will demonstrate their commitment to heal and grow our community.