The overall goal of our program is to be a successful intervention in juvenile justice reform. By strengthening services and creating innovative programs for troubled youth we aim to prevent this population from offending in the first place and to eradicate recidivism.

Placing youth in underserved communities in our work-based training in a creative environment allows for an expressive outlet while simultaneously giving students skills needed for a career in the Media Industry.    

Investments in these resources will keep children out of jail, in school and on the path to becoming productive residents of this state.

 Our overall goal is on saving lives and trying to break the cycle of crime.

Training OSY students in Media serves several purposes:

  1. It prepares them for jobs that are created for their age group and backgrounds
  2. It allows for multiple career paths.

The classes help at-risk youth express their voices, connect with communities and increase their civic engagement by sharing with peers and adults their opinions about socially important issues (gun violence, drugs, bullying, gangs, rape, domestic violence, suicide, homelessness, friendship, acceptance and self-identity etc.)

Youth Media